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Scoring: Table Score

Table score if one of the most important aspects of the game and dictates the amount you will score for every single shot on the table. A Score will always be multiplied time your current table value.

Identifying your table value

On the backglass it is written.

On the playfield it is these lower lights. No light on means level 1.

Advancing your table value
Every shot on the table will advance you towards your next table value in different amounts and each table level is more and more difficult. Your base table level will stay throughout balls but your progress towards the next level will reset with each ball. SO if you are on 2-8 and strain you will start next ball at 2-1. You progress towards the next level is noted on the playfield here. In the lights 10-90.

Difficulty Levels

Here are the shot required to reach each level. The scoring is a total of 540 points to get to all 9 lights lit and turning on the advance table level target.

  • Level 1 (60 per shot) – 9 shots
  • Level 2 (20 per shot) – 27 shots
  • Level 3 (15 per shot) – 36 shots
  • Level 4 (12 per shot) – 45 shots
  • Level 5 (10 per shot) – 54 shots
  • Level 6 (5 per shot) – 108 shots
  • Level 7 Max Table Score (1 per shot) – 540 shots

Leveling Up

To level up hit the green arrow flashing in the center once you have lit all 9 advance lights to lock in your next table level.

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