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Table Options: Script Adjustments

At the top of the script you’ll find options to adjust the table to your liking. They are explained here.

dim hardmode:hardmode = 0
set this to 1 to turn on hard mode.

rockmusic = 1
change this to 1 to switch out the background music with rocking irish tunes

soundtrackvol = 70 
'Set the background audio volume to whatever you'd like out of 100

videovol = 60
'set the volme you'd like for the videos

sfxvol = 60 
'set the volme you'd like for the videos

calloutvol = 100 
' set this to whatever you're like your callouts to be

turnonultradmd = 0 
' change to 1 to turn on ultradmd

toppervideo = 0 
'set to 1 to turn on the topper

dim havedof:havedof = 0 
'set to 1 if you have dof and want to remove some mech sounds as you have your own mechs
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