Scoring: Jackpot Score

Dynamic Jackpot Values

During multiball the dynamic scoring of points is never more important. A jackpot score is based on 3 different multiplication values on top of the jackpot base.
Jackpot Base = 100,000
x Leprechaun Level
x Table score level
x table multiplier from relocked balls.

Example Jackpot

3rd leprechaun, table score 3-3, 2x playfield multiplier
100,000 x 3 x 3 x 2 – 1,800,000 Jackpot score
Relock another ball for 3x and you’re looking at 2,700,000 Jackpots

Scoring Formula

jackscore = (progresslevel(CurrentPlayer) * 100000) * mblevel * (point2(currentplayer) + 1)

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