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Where can I download this table?

I can’t get the table to play? Can you help?
Nope. Tech support steals any and all joy I get from this hobby. Happily there are many others that don’t feel that way. Visit vpinball.com and you’ll find unlimited help there on the support topic.

I think I found a bug in the table, how can I let you know?
You can message me through ” Still stuck? How can we help?” 
You can also find me on Visual Pinball Junkies on Facebook and send me direct messages there.

Can i steal another players locks?
yes, it is encouraged.

What if I’m on a different leprechaun level than the other player, can i still steal locks?

I think i stuck a ball, what happens?
After 10 seconds the walls will drop seeing if a ball is behind them. If so you’ll be able to go on about your game. If not, then at 15 seconds a ball will be added into the plunger trough so you can continue play.

Will this ever be a real manufactured table?
Not that I know of no. Sadly manufactured tables are quite hard for a little guy like me to achieve. So highly unlikely unless something magical were to happen.

Can I mod this table and art to my own theme?
Sorry, but no. I don’t allow mods of my tables. I’d be happy to talk to you through making your own table though.

I need to clear my high scores, how can i do that?
At this point I don’t have that available. But I can code that in in the future.

I love this can I send you a donation?
Nope. I might have some hats or something in the future for supporters but for now I’d like to just keep this as a fun hobby for me.

I heard this was originally going to stay a closed project?
Yes that was the original plan. A friend was manufacturing mini cabs and wanted an original table to ship with it that was all original IP so he asked me to help him make a hybrid traditional and modern table. This is the result of that effort. The non rock soundtrack is the only soundtrack that would have shipped, but as this has gone off that plan I added in the punk rock option for fun.

Due to the inability to get the right product to market for the right cost the project has been temporarily abandoned unfortunately.

I’m showing off my cabinet in a public space is it ok to have this table on there as a showcase?
Totally, that’s fine.

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