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Create A Potion


Proposed Potions (might change) – these will probably change to be used immediately rather than push to use.

  • Amortentia – love potion – Odds  2/22
    When used your previous 20 seconds of scoring is doubled.
  • Confusing Concoction – confused, distracted, sick – Odds 2/22
    Usable during multiballs to remove confusion. Only one ball will roll for 20 seconds or until the ball drains, player gets 2x or 3x based on how many balls are stopped.
  • Draught of Living Death – deep death like sleep – Odds 2/22
    Balls stop moving and bonus is collected early. Then play resumes. Bonus still collected at the end of the ball as well.
  • Felix Felicis – unusually good luck – Odds 2/22
    2x scoring for 20 seconds when activated
  • Hiccoughing Potion – stops excessive hiccuping – Odds 2/22
    Add a ball at anytime, if used during multiball then it can save a multiball that’s about to be completed.
  • Pepperup Potion – improves health – Odds 2/22
    All ball saves reactivated.
  • Polyjuice Potion – appear as someone else – Odds 1/22
    Rare. All per player progress values can be adjusted to match another player. So player 2 have 3 modes done and player 1 one has one. If player 1 uses the potion they get all those values attributed to them as well. If in a 1 player game it’s just a big points score.
  • Skele-Gro – redrow bones – Odds 1/22
    Rare. Builds a barricade across the outlanes for the rest of the ball so the player can only drain down the center.
  • Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion – beauty treatment to smooth hair – Odds 2/22
    Big points, damn you look good.
  • Veritaserum – truth potion – Odds 2/22
    Find out that Mad Eye is really Bartie Crouch Jr – extra ball.
  • Wolfsbane Potion – Warewolf sanity serum – Odds /22
    Flipper strength increased for the rest of the ball for easy ramp shooting.

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